Pink Aglaonema in a Yellow Cup Vase


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Pink Aglaonema in a Yellow Cup Vase


  • Vase – Yellow Cup vase
    • colours available – yellow and orange
    • size – 5×8″
  • Plant – Aglaonema Pink
    • Also known as Chinese evergreen.
    • These are evergreen perennials with stems growing erect.
    • The Aglaonema is a favorite houseplant & lists everywhere! With its unique and lush foliage, easy care, and ability to adapt to almost any home or office space, it’s hard to find a more versatile stunner.
    • Care –
      • Watering Once a week.
      • Sunlight required is bright / indirect.
      • Low maintenance.

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Dimensions 5 × 8 × 5 in


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